Sunday, March 20, 2011

Photo Class Flyer

I've created this Photo Class Flyer for the photography class. Please feel free to pass it along to anyone you think might be interested or give me a call if you'd like to register! Thank you!!

It's a beginning!

As we are praying and pondering what course my life is going to take over the next few years as my children all begin to attend school full-time, I am starting up this blog as the starting off point for a possible business venture. Of course, my main job and priority will always be the girls and our family, but it is time to add something different and a source of income to my days.

I don't quite know what I want it all to look like yet. I want to be able to work only during the hours the girls are in school, be "off" when they are "off", and home in the summers as well. Pretty much that means I have to have my own business of some sort or be employed by the school. Being employed by the school part-time would be ideal because it would be consistent and because the girls are at the school. However, part-time jobs are not easily had. In the meantime I am on the sub list, I have applied to be a Community Based Instructor through a homeschool program in a local school district (so that I can tutor home-schooled students) and am pondering a few other ideas.

The most intriguing and do-able idea is to teach a photography class geared towards Junior High students. I love Junior High kids and I love photography. I do not claim to be a photography expert by any means, but I do know how to use most of the settings on a manual camera, I understand why you use what you use, basically, and I love to teach and to take pictures.

My first attempt at this is going to begin after spring break on Thursdays mornings for six weeks. The cost will be $90 and the class will include the basics of photography, going beyond "auto", and photo walks. The first couple classes will for sure take place in my home. There may be a couple sessions where we will meet at an alternative location, such as a local park, in order to go on photo walks and practice the things we have been learning in class. Details will be given as things are finalized.

Any home-schooled 7th/8th grade student with access to a camera with manual settings (you can change shutter speed and aperture) is welcome to attend. The class size is limited to 8, but I must have at least 3 in order for the class to officially begin.

My other ideas include selling crafts locally or online, tutoring, offering more and different classes to homeschoolers, or consigning items via ebay or craigslist. Of course, maybe I'll just get a part-time job at the school and all my ideas will just get put on hold for a while.

In the meantime, this photography course is going to be a trial run for me; seeing how well it goes, how much I like it (which I am sure I will), how much it affects our family to have something added to my days, etc. I am excited that this opportunity has come about and that so many friends have encouraged me along this journey. I believe that God has exciting plans for our family and it will be great to see how He orchestrates it all.

Please contact me if you are interested in this photography class for a 7th or 8th grader you know and I'll answer all your questions!